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Services and Pricing:

Price List For Home Inspections in Macomb County and Oakland County

Besides quality home inspections, we also offer many home hazard tests, at an additional fee.

Some tests, such as radon and water, can be set up at the time of the inspection. Other tests, such as mold and asbestos, can be set up after or during the inspection, if warranted. Of course, our inspectors will make every effort to identify any possible home hazards at the time of the inspection. But, due to the nature of some hazards, detection cannot be determined without proper testing.

All testing results are obtained from an independent lab. Turn around time can range from 48 hours to up to a week. When writing a purchase agreement, be sure to specify that sale is contingent on the satisfactory results of any testing requested.

Click here to see a sample inspection report.

Per sample price for each.
Radon Testing                                                            

Indoor Air Quality Testing                                        

Molds and Fungi Testing                                         

Asbestos Testing                                                    

Well Water Testing                                                                                                  
WDO Inspection                                                    

Lead Bulk Test (per sample)                               

Lead Swab Test (per 8 samples)                        

For your convenience, we do accept charge cards through our PayPal account. Each item will need to be paid for separately. If you don't have a PayPal account, you'll be automatically redirected to a secure page in PayPal checkout where you can enter your credit card information. When you're done, you'll have the option of saving your credit card details with PayPal by creating a PayPal account.

However, payment can be made at the time of the inspection with cash, check or money order. Payment in full must be received prior to delivery of inspection report.

Do not pay until inspection or test has been scheduled.


Pre-Inspection Agreement

Click link above for the pre-inspection agreement.
The document can be printed and either brought to the inspection or emailed back prior to the inspection.


We also do on-site group seminars for new realtors or home buyers. Contact us for more details. Included in the seminar is the book entitled "Know What You are Buying: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Inspections"










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